Special Notice regarding Surfside building collapse:

There are fundraising campaigns claiming to be fundraising on behalf of Hatzalah of South Florida. Please note that Hatzalah of South Florida is NOT affiliated with any such organizations or efforts.

Please note that 100% of Hatzalah of South Florida efforts are focused and dedicated to providing our mission-stated medical services to evacuees, families of missing persons and personnel involved in the search & rescue operations.

Welcome to Hatzalah of South Florida

Hatzalah of Miami-Dade DBA Hatzalah of South Florida is a volunteer not-for-profit organization.

Our mission is to improve medical outcomes and save lives by augmenting existing emergency medical services in South Florida with community-based state-certified EMT volunteer responders.

Hatzalah of South Florida operates under the supervision of a Medical Director and Medical Advisory Board and the guidance of a Rabbinical Board.

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Recent Testimonial

  • Congratulations on getting up and running....

    Hollis Chaim…
  • No one ever wants to be in a situation like this, but it is immensely reassuring to know that Hatzalah is here for all of us. Their dedication, commitment, and skill are truly inspiring!

  • When my 3 week old daughter was having trouble breathing, Hatzalah not only showed up within seconds of my wife’s call, but the volunteers were calming and assuring throughout her evaluation and transportation to the hospital. I can’t thank Hatzalah enough for taking such good care of not only my daughter during her medical

  • An Incredible organization....!!

    Stephen Crowe
  • Hatzalah is unbelivable and the volunteers are doing an excellent job, they give all their effort and time which is the most valuable thing, last 2 weeks they helped me with my 3 kids at different times, eventhough I could not keep my calm they did and helped me so

    Ruben Ruda
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